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Great Road Trips Ideas In Canada: 9 Routes To Get You Pumped For The Summer

9 Canadian Road Trips That'll Get You Pumped For Summer
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As much as America claims to be the automotive centre of the universe, just about all of us have at least one fond (or maybe not so fond) memory of piling into the car with the family or friends and heading off on an adventure to explore new areas of the vast Canadian countryside. Whether it’s part of summer vacation, a plan to head out and visit a long lost acquaintance, or just the call of the open road, there are countless kilometres to cover from coast to coast, and plenty of exceptional regions and roads that are worth the trip.

So what makes a road trip feel properly “Canadian” other than the physical geography of it all? Scenic vistas are a key component, but as cheesy as it sounds, the community and the culture are what tie it all together. You’d be surprised at how quickly an out-of-province license plate can start a conversation, and before you know it you can be face to face with an impromptu history lesson on the town or area you’ve just arrived in.

After much deliberation here is our comprehensive East-to-West guide to the great Canadian road trips. Now, in theory, you could daisy-chain each of these segments together and turn it into an all-encompassing “see all of Canada in one fell swoop” mega-adventure, but we wouldn’t hold it against you if you just stuck with the more manageable junkets below:

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