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Grey Whales Are In Vancouver's English Bay Once Again

Grey Whales Are Feelin' Right At Home In Vancouver

Another day, another grey whale sighting in Vancouver.

One of the massive animals went cruising through the city's English Bay on Sunday, to the delight of many boaters on the water and a crowd of spectators onshore.

Johnson Chu was out with the False Creek Racing Canoe Club and later uploaded a video of the encounter to YouTube. (Watch above.)

"It was a great ending to our outrigger canoe practice for sure," he told HuffPost B.C. in an email.

The sighting was one of many in Vancouver over the weekend.

Last week, at least one person was compelled to get an even closer look by jumping in the water, prompting the Vancouver Aquarium to issue a public warning on Facebook.

"Your actions could disrupt natural behaviours such as socializing, resting, and – in this instance – feeding," said the post on Friday. "It’s not just about keeping the whale comfortable and safe, but about doing the same for you."

It may look tempting, but don’t even think about it. Swimming towards any whale, like this grey whale, is a bad idea...

Posted by Vancouver Aquarium on Friday, October 2, 2015

In June, a pod of killer whales swam through the city's Burrard Inlet just as the Aquarium launched its new WhaleReport app, which allows people to log sightings with their smartphones.

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