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Canadian Musician Grimes' Photos Sparks Rumours She's Pregnant And Elon Musk Is The Dad

People can't tell if the "announcements" are real or not.

Hey 2020, can you stop being a wild ride for just a sec? Canadian musician Grimes (also known as c, as per her name change last March) could be expecting, if we’re to believe her Instagram activity.

In an uncaptioned post on her profile, the 31-year-old showed a nude photo of herself with a fetus edited on her stomach. She fuelled speculation by replying to a fan about her uncensored nipples.

“I thought about censoring them for a hot minute haha (this may get taken down anyway) but the photo is so much less feral without the nipples,” she wrote. “Plus being knocked up is a very feral & war-like state of being. Might as well be what it is.”

The Vancouver-born performer later removed her post and re-uploaded the image with her nipples edited out, as well as a photo of her exposed stomach.

Although there’s been no confirmation, many online believe Grimes’ boyfriend, Tesla co-founder Elon Musk, is the father. Musk holds Canadian citizenship; his mother is Saskatchewan-born model Maye Musk and he lived in Canada while attending Queen’s University in Kingston, Ont.

Given her penchant for trolling fans, people aren’t sure if the pregnancy announcements are legitimate. Whether she’s really pregnant or not, memes imagining Grimes’ eccentric child-rearing and its possible species are flooding Twitter. And her long-time beef with singer Azealia Banks might be squashed thanks to it.

Watch the video above to see reactions to Grimes’ potential pregnancy.

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