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Guillaume Blanchet, The Man Who Lived On A Bike: Montrealer Pedals Through 382 Days (VIDEO)

WATCH: Life On Two Wheels: Montrealer Guillaume Blanchet Inspires And Terrifies

Montreal streets aren't always known for their friendliness.

But you'd barely guess that the ice or traffic could get tough from artist Guillaume Blanchet's latest video, in which he rides his bicycle through the city for 382 days, washing, cooking, changing, flirting with women and generally living on two wheels as the cityscape whizzes by.

French-born Blancet dedicated the film to his father, Yves Blanchet, who, as is noted in the introduction, is 64 years old and has ridden his bike over 120,000 kilometres. Blanchet wrote in the video's description, "I love being on a bike. It helps me feel free. I get it from my dad. After 382 days spent riding through the streets of Montreal, being sometimes quite cold, sometimes quite hot - and sometines [sic] quite scared, I dedicate this movie to you, Yves Blanchet :-)."

Blanchet, who works as a French copyeditor for advertising firm Bleublancrouge, previously gained attention in 2009 for his stop motion film Laika, which celebrated the 10th anniversary of the Montreal bar. As he told website Rice Candy at that time,

I love to be impressed by things that are technically over my understanding -- like 3D animation. On the other hand, I also love what comes out of simplicity: everyone understands how it’s made. Simplicity in execution has a nice sharing dimension, because people end up realizing that somehow, they could have done it too.

While few people might agree that they too would have felt comfortable taking a snooze while pedalling along, Blanchet's short film is a pretty practical study in the madness of multitasking, with a few fabulous pop culture references thrown in for good luck (we're looking at you, ShamWow). Plus, it gives us a pretty great tour of Montreal's charms, and gives a little something extra to aspire to the next time we plan to take a spin.

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