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12 Times Hadrien Trudeau Brightened Up 2020

The PM's 6-year-old son soldiered through this horrible year with his signature nonchalance.

This past year hasn’t been great, but Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s youngest kid, Hadrien — or “Didi,” as his inner circle calls him — helped make it a bit brighter with his unique non-plussed brand of hilarity.

From nose diving an ice cream cone to eviscerating a pumpkin, the 6-year-old provided plenty fodder for smiles, even in the worst of times.

This look back at the best Hadrien Trudeau moments of 2020 shows why the first-grader’s a national treasure.

1. When it was Winter Solstice but he just couldn’t wait for that extra bit of light, so he brightened the day by transforming himself into the greatest little tannenbaum.

2. That time he reminded us to always reach for our dreams, even when they seem too high. And not to be afraid to stand on the shoulders of those who offer to hold us up.

3. When he showed us that hard days can end in beauty, simply by posing in a Grégoire-Trudeau sunset sandwich.

4. That fall day when he prompted us to not let the foliage hog the spotlight, because we can all be the beauty we want to see in the world.

5. When uncertainty cast a shadow over Halloween, but he still showed up as the sweetest undetermined animal with a can-do attitude.

6. And also, when Halloween felt scarier than usual, but he uplifted us by demonstrating his best pumpkin-carving practice of kneeling on the table for extra leverage, to take a hearty scoop of guts.

7. When he greeted us with an impressive garden haul, inspiring us to eat our greens and to be thankful for our hardworking farmers and farmhands.

8. All those times when how he showed us how to flip the script, like when his fave restaurants closed for indoor dining, and he took his lunch plans to the park.

9. When he released his inhibitions — and by extension, all of ours — to teach us that to properly enjoy an ice cream cone is to get a little messy and carefree.

10. That time he lost a tooth in lockdown, reminding us that life goes on, whatever doom and gloom is happening in the outside world.

11. When he invoked his youngest-child status and had his elder sister, Ella, parade him around on a toboggan, because sometimes being that cute is exhausting.

12. And maybe most importantly, when he taught us to slow down and not push ourselves too hard. Sometimes, in this pandemic, we all just need a day on the couch with a good book and a loved one to snuggle.

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