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10 Great Back-to-School Haircut Tips

It's almost back to school, and the season is changing -- perfect time for a stylish new haircut! But what does "shoulder length" mean anyway? And what happens if you cross your legs in a salon chair? If you aren't quite ready to look like Miley, here are 10 tips to remember when getting a new haircut.

Are you looking for a great new cut before you go back to school but aren't quite ready to look like Miley? Here are some tips to get your perfect cut.

Before you hit the salon:

1. Makeup

If you wear makeup, wear it the way you normally do when leaving the house.

2. Dress The Part

Don't go to the salon dressed like a rocker if you normally like to look conservative. The hairdresser will misinterpret your style and give you a cut you are uncomfortable with.

At the salon:

3. Be honest!

Avoid the loving-your-cut-until-you-wash-it syndrome. If you spend only five minutes a day on your hair, say so! Ask for a low-maintenance cut.

4. When do you want to cut it again?

Discuss how often you will have to get you hair cut. If you want to go in once every two months, do not get a short stylish haircut, which will need to be reshaped in four weeks.

5. Sit up straight!

Sit with good posture and uncrossed legs. Crossed legs throw one shoulder lower than the other, which may result in an uneven cut.

6. Sit still!

Once a hairdresser cut my hair three inches shorter than I had wanted, and I complained. Her reply? "You turned your head so many times, I made a mistake and had to even it out."

7. Don't get technical

If you are going to have a say in the style, avoid using technical terms like "shoulder length" or "the shag." John Barrett says shoulder length means something different to everyone. Describe what you want by placing a comb at the point where you want the hair to fall.

8. This is your hair!

Do not be scared or intimidated by the hairdresser. If you do not like something, tell the stylist. After all, you will be the one in tears when you get home.

9. Hands off

Keep your hands out of your hair while it's being cut. The stylist has a very sharp instrument and can't use it properly if you are constantly playing with your hair.

10. Ask for what you want

"Just do whatever you want" is the worst thing to tell a hairdresser. Take some responsibility for the haircut and give the stylist an idea of what you want.

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