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Halloween Is Over So It Is Now Officially Christmas, Apparently

Pace yourselves, people!
The holiday cheer cannot be stopped.
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The holiday cheer cannot be stopped.

Ok so now that halloween is over and it's 1st November, I'd just like to wish everyone a merry Christmas.

— kate (@katekeogan) November 1, 2017

Hope you had a great Halloween. Merry Christmas!

— Alex Goldschmidt (@alexandergold) November 1, 2017

Benefit of living in Canada: There are no holidays between halloween and Christmas. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

— Tim Clemons (@tim_clemons) November 1, 2017

November 1st. Goodbye Halloween, hello Christmas. Mariah Carey blasts out of every stereo. All bells are legally required to jingle.

— innocent drinks (@innocent) November 1, 2017

Halloween is over, you know what that means? Time to start Christmas shopping. *cracks knuckles*

— Emiliya On Ice~ 🇷🇺 (@CocoCanadaChan) November 1, 2017

🎁🎄 #christmas #november #halloween #meangirls #memes

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Christmas cups are here!!! 🎄☃️🦌

— Beauty by Birdy (@BeautybyBirdy1) November 1, 2017

Chapters Indigo

Good morning, November 1st. Greeted with just under 2" of snow overnight.

Mmmmm, Canada.❄

— 🌩 Lynn/Lynette 💜 (@Darklyghtning) November 1, 2017

Now that Halloween is over, MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY!

— Jacksepticeye (@Jack_Septic_Eye) November 1, 2017

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