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H&M Uses Plus-Size Model For Swimwear Campaign Photos

H&M Reveals Plus-Size Beachwear

H&M is finally showing fashion-lovers that their clothes look amazing on plus-size women too.

The Swedish retailer is promoting a new women's swimwear collection on the U.S. site (as of publication, the collection is not featured on their Canadian site) featuring plus-size model Jennie Runk.

The great (one could even say innovative) aspect to the campaign is that the collection isn't labeled "plus-sized fashion;" nope, it's just filed under "beachwear."

Rather than call out attention to the plus-size model, (Ralph Lauren announced their first plus-size model last year), they just show Jennie looking beautiful and healthy in various beachwear, one-pieces and (gasp!) bikinis.

We're happy to see such a popular fashion brand use plus-size models without mentioning that she is, in fact, plus-size, just as it should be! And while we're on it, can we see more brands do the same?

As Jezebel notes, "Models whose bodies differ from the straight-size standard should be visible in fashion, outside of the stigmatizing magazine 'Size' issues and the dedicated 'Plus' categories, which retailers always seem to bury. Why shouldn't Jennie Runk, and other women like her, get be on the homepage, too? Seeing plus-size bodies in fashion spreads and ads should be as common as seeing anything else."

We couldn't agree more.

To see more photos of the beautiful Jennie, check out H&M's beachwear collection and scroll through the slideshow below:

H&M Uses Plus-Size Model For Beachwear Campaign

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