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Happy Birthday Leonard Nimoy: Star Trek's Spock Turns 82 (VIDEOS, PHOTOS)

Happy Birthday Leonard Nimoy

Happy birthday Leonard Nimoy! The actor best known for bringing Star Trek's Spock to life turns 82 today.

Nimoy, who was born in Boston in 1931, has been beloved by geeks since he donned pointy ears and played the highly logical half-human, half vulcan Spock in Star Trek.

Over the years, Nimoy has embraced his status as a geek icon, appearing not just in Star Trek movies but in sci-fi shows and video games.

Ever the classy guy, Nimoy even wished his fans thanks for the many, many birthday wishes he got on Tuesday.

Below, our eight reasons why we love Leonard Nimoy.

Happy Birthday Leonard Nimoy!

Happy Birthday Leonard Nimoy

1. He showed us that being the nerd was awesome

He was the smartest guy in the room and was awesome about it. Kirk got the girl but Spock often saved the day.

2. And the girls still loved him

3. He's a nerd like us

Would you narrate Civilization IV if you weren't a nerd? Or sing the ballad of Bilbo Baggins?

4. And he knows how to laugh at himself

5. He'll even play an action figure!

6. He reaches out to his fans

Nimoy once wrote a moving letter to a mixed-race fan who said they identified with Spock's mixed-race heritage.

7. He's an artist

Nimoy has been a photographer for years and even published books of his photographs.

8. He gets better with age

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