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Aide Says Harper's Office Not Fans Of Miley's Haircut

The Canadian Prime Minister's Office thinks Miley Cyrus' new haircut is decidedly not hot.

Stephen Harper's director of communications, Andrew MacDougall made the comments on Twitter in response to a question from Maclean's humourist and former Paul Martin speechwriter Scott Feschuk.

"The Canadian people demand to know of their Prime Minister: Is Miley's new pixie cut hot or not?" Feschuk tweeted at MacDougall.

The response from MacDougall was quick and definitive: "Not."

It all started when MacDougall tweeted that his Twitter feed was a reminder of why it's a good idea to get out of the Ottawa media bubble. The statement came amid a series of tweets from various political journalists mocking Harper's appearance at the opening of a new Ryerson athletic centre at Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto on Monday.

Many made light of the focus during the PM's press conference on hockey-related questions rather than on more substantive issues such as German Chancellor Angela Merkel's visit to Ottawa this week, the situation in Syria and the debate over the Northern Gateway pipeline. The Ottawa Citizen'sGlen McGregor and the CBC's Kady O'Malley were perhaps the two most vocal Twitter critics of the appearance.

MacDougall's tweet on Cyrus immediately started getting attention, with iPolitics writer Colin Horgan suggesting a HuffPost slideshow couldn't be far off.

We live to serve.

This isn't the first time MacDougall has displayed a level of wit you might not expect from a political message man.

Back in May, MacDougall made headlines for a retort aimed at a Twitter user who asked what it was like to work for Canada's biggest asshole. "I wouldn't know. I don't work for you," MacDougall chimed back. Zing!

While it's refreshing to see a high ranking political official interacting with journalists online, we're not sure comment on celebrity coiffure is part of the PMO playbook.

Although, with the summer lull in political news continuing, perhaps MacDougall is just trying to keep us on our toes.

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