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#HarperANetflixShow: Tory Leader's 'Netflix Tax' Video Mocked

'Better Robocall Saul'

A video of Stephen Harper proclaiming his fandom for “Breaking Bad” and vowing never to impose a so-called “Netflix tax” has already spurred mockery online.

#HarperANetflixShow — perhaps the most unexpected Twitter hashtag to emerge from the first week of the federal campaign — began trending shortly after the Conservative Party released the clip Wednesday.

“Something you might not know about me is that I love movies and TV shows,” the Conservative leader says in the video while standing in front of a logo for Netflix, a popular online streaming service.

“One of my all-time favourites is ‘Breaking Bad,’ it’s even available on some online streaming services if you’ve never seen it.”

Harper goes on to accuse Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau and NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair of leaving the door “wide open” to taxing digital streaming services like Netflix and YouTube. Both New Democrats and Liberals have already said they have no intention of doing what the Tory leader claims.

In no time, some jokesters took to Twitter to suggest some other TV shows and movies Harper might enjoy.

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