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Harper's Tim Hortons Love Affair Continues (PHOTO, TWITTER)

LOOK: Harper Loves Timmies ... Again
Flickr: PM Stephen Harper

Stephen Harper's Tim Hortons love affair logged another chapter on Wednesday night, as the PM rolled up the rim at a hockey game in Saskatchewan.

A photo of the Timmies moment was posted to Harper's Twitter account after he attended a Saskatoon Blades game with Saskatoon-Blackstrap MP Lynne Yelich. The post quickly racked up more than 200 retweets and plenty of positive reaction from Canadians.

The moment is just the latest in an ongoing push to improve the quality of Harper's social media presence. But this is far from the first time Harper has publicly displayed his affection for the double double.

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Last January, Harper was photographed drinking Tim Hortons coffee at with Christy Clark while watching the B.C. premier's son play hockey.

Harper was taken to task by some in September 2009 for attending the opening of a Tim Hortons franchise in Oakville, Ont., rather than speaking at the UN, given that he had to be in Pittsburgh that week anyway.

Many have argued the Timmies' photo-ops are part of a campaign to appeal to average Canadians and show that, despite his many years in Ottawa at the top of the pyramid, the PM is still just a regular guy.

Harper continued the Hockey related-appearances on Thursday, announcing the details of a plan to put heart defibrillators in recreational hockey arenas across the country at another rink in Saskatoon. The needs of about 3,000 arenas are to be assessed before the actual machines start rolling out this spring.

But it's the Timmies tweet that's getting all the attention, with Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall getting in on the action by retweeting CBC's Chris Lane's jest that Ottawa would have to claw back the Roll Up The Rim winning as "resource revenue."

As for what Harper won, spokesman Andrew MacDougall tweeted that it was a coffee. Some guys have all the luck.

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