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Do Canadians Care About Harry And Meghan's Move To Canada? You Tell Us

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, by now you know that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are moving to Canada part-time, as per the Queen’s approval. The news was met with shockwaves across the country, with one specific question at the heart of the national conversation: does Canada have a responsibility to pay for Harry and Meghan? In short, it’s complicated.

An Angus Reid survey from this week reveals that the vast majority of Canadians do not want to pay for any costs associated with the Sussexes’ move to Canada. Also, one in four Canadians believe the Royal family is less relevant today, while 41 per cent say they have no relevance at all. Ultimately, Canadians don’t care if Harry and Meghan settle in Canada —a whopping 50 per cent of respondents felt this way in the Angus Reid poll.

Sure, bingeing “The Crown” provides some escapism on a Sunday afternoon, but the recent onslaught of news from the House of Windsor has left Canadians asking whether or not the Queen has any role in Canadian society at all.

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