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Health Tweets: The 50 Best Healthy Living And Fitness Tweeters In Canada

50 Of The Best Health Tweeters In Canada

In a world of hashtags, retweets and the challenge of trying to keep your commentary under 140 characters, it's fair to say some people just do it better.

These days, active Twitter users (Canada makes up roughly 2.92 per cent of all users worldwide) rely on lists, and often word-of-mouth to get their Twitter feeds populated.

And with endless studies, medical journals and the latest product recalls in Canada, keeping up with health and fitness news can quickly become overwhelming. And what about Canada's flu season? The latest superfood or trendy diet?

As fun as it is to follow the Deepak Chopras and Jillian Michaels of the world, who have millions of followers worldwide, sometimes it's better to get tips from the locals — the moms and pops of Twitter, you could say — to keep up with the latest in health news, recipes and well-being.

On average, people spend about 23 minutes a day on Twitter, according to the Social Skinny. The report also found that two out of three social media users thought Twitter influenced their decisions to make a purchases or click related links.

But with only 23 minutes to spare and millions of people to follow, where do you start? Not all of us are social media wizards, so HuffPost Canada's Living team has put together some of the country's best Twitter accounts for health news, fitness tips and healthy recipes. And to make your life easier, we've also included a custom Twitter list with 50 accounts you can add to your personal Twitter accounts. Click here to follow.

Tweet away: 50 of the best health Tweeters Canada has to offer:

Ange Peters:

TWEETER: Ange Peters, personal trainer and holistic coach at

TWEETS ABOUT: Easy do-it-yourself recipe ideas, motivational quotes and de-cluttering tips for the kitchen

FOLLOW: @Hol_Fit

Jason Anthony Tetro aka Germ Guy:

TWEETER: Jason Anthony Tetro, aka 'The Germ Guy,' and Huffington Post Canada blogger

TWEETS ABOUT: Everything you needed and didn't need to know about germs and hygiene. He also tweets about current events, like the Grammys, from time to time and is great at replying.


Carly Weeks:

TWEETER: Carly Weeks, health reporter for The Globe and Mail

TWEETS ABOUT: Health news in Canada, product recalls and drug safety — in-depth looks at the health of our country

Michael Evans:

TWEETER: Michael Evans, doctor and professor who likes to make cartoon videos about health news

TWEETS ABOUT: How to deal with common health conditions and quick health lessons on a variety of topics

Bianca Osbourne:

TWEETER: Bianca Osbourne, chef and lover of natural foods

TWEETS ABOUT: Delicious smoothies, morning workouts and Meatless Monday

Gloria Tsang:

TWEETER: Gloria Tsang, founder and dietitian of

TWEETS ABOUT: The worst ingredients for your body, food and nutrition news, and diet trends

Hal Johnson And Joanne McLeod:

TWEETER: Body Break, site dedicated to keeping Canadians healthy

TWEETS ABOUT: Let's go back to '90s, when Hal Johnson and Joanne McLeod's commercials tempted us to eat healthy and get fit. These days, their Twitter page tweets some of the most straightforward quotes about getting fit and staying healthy. Progress!


Melissa Ramos:

TWEETER: Nutritionist and Chinese medical practitioner at Sexy Food Therapy. Ramos is also a Huffington Post Canada blogger.

TWEETS ABOUT: Positivity quotes, videos on health and nutrition and how to conquer stress

Dr. Yoni Freedhoff:

TWEETS ABOUT: Diet book reviews, news on obesity and live updates of 'The Biggest Loser.' Freedhoff is also great at responding to tweets, so tweet away.

Danielle Felip:

TWEETER: Danielle Felip, holistic nutritionist of

TWEETS ABOUT: Interesting facts on vitamins, how to live a positive lifestyle and product reviews

Bryce Wylde:

TWEETER: Bryce Wylde, author and complementary alternative medicine expert

TWEETS ABOUT: Questions prescription medications and look for natural alternatives. Bonus: Wylde also RTs and follows a variety of health experts as well

Leigh Brandt:

TWEETER: Leigh Brandt, personal trainer and Canada's first 'International Federation of Body Building's Bikini Pro', based in Vancouver, B.C.

TWEETS ABOUT: News and reviews in the nutrition world, training videos and the behind-the-scenes life of a pro bikini model

Tony Greco:

TWEETER: Tony Greco, Canadian fitness specialist

TWEETS ABOUT: Quotes about living a healthy lifestyle, and fitness videos

Sammie Kennedy:

TWEETER: Sammie Kennedy, fitness expert and founder of

TWEETS ABOUT: Healthy recipes, homemade beauty products and the best 30-minute workouts

Kim McNeil:

TWEETER: Kim McNeil, certified yoga instructor and therapist at Yoga Theory

TWEETS ABOUT: News in the world of yoga, her morning breakfast routine and how to do different yoga moves

Joy McCarthy:

TWEETER: Joy McCarthy, founder and CEO of Joyous Health and Huffington Post Canada blogger.

TWEETS ABOUT: Step-by-step recipes, benefits of specific nutrients and vitamins, and detoxes

Alex Hutchinson:

TWEETER: Alex Hutchinson, Runner's World columnist and author

TWEETS ABOUT: Fitness and training myths, the science behind fitness and interesting facts about training gear. Hutchinson is also great at responding to comments and questions on Twitter.

Meghan Telpner:

TWEETER: Meghan Telpner, nutritionist, author and Huffington Post Canada blogger based in Toronto.

TWEETS ABOUT: Healthy recipes, benefits of yoga and delicious teas for the winter

David Juurlink:

TWEETER: David Juurlink, clinical pharmacologist and drug safety researcher based in Toronto.

TWEETS ABOUT: Drug testing, ingredients in everyday foods and the best related articles around the web. But be aware, there is a lot of medical lingo that may be tough for those not in the field.

Sarah Maughan:

TWEETER: Sarah Maughan, holistic nutritionist based in Toronto.

TWEETS ABOUT: Gluten-free recipes, 'happy day' quotes and meditation tips

André Picard:

TWEETER: André Picard, public health reporter at The Globe and Mail

TWEETS ABOUT: The latest news in health across the country. A focus on healthy living, health policies and according to his Twitter bio, running. And for all the French speakers, good news — Picard tweets in both official languages.

Paul Boisvert:

TWEETER:Paul Boisvert, doctor in exercise physiology and obesity specialist based in Quebec

TWEETS ABOUT: A round-up and RTs of health news from various publications — a great way to keep up with your health news by following one person. He also has a second Twitter account in French.

Jennifer Sygo:

TWEETER: Jennifer Sygo, dietitian and sports nutritionist of the Cleveland Clinic Canada

TWEETS ABOUT: Recovery tips for sports-related injuries, tips on healthy weight gain and fun facts on fruits

Meals That Heal:

TWEETER: Julie Daniluk, TV host and nutrition expert

TWEETS ABOUT: Foods that heal, tips for better sleep and recipes

Jeremy Petch:

TWEETER: Jeremy Petch, doctor of philosophy. and editor for the Healthy Debate

TWEETS ABOUT: Health questions for his followers, articles on health and if you want, take a look at some of his interesting conversations with other Tweeters

Jennifer Hill:

TWEETER:Jennifer Hill, dietitian and blogger based in Vancouver B.C.

TWEETS ABOUT: Delicious food recipes (along with food porn) and what to do with leftovers

Andie the FIT GEEK:

TWEETER:Andie, personal trainer and blogger

TWEETS ABOUT: Tips and tricks for eating healthy and in you're interested, Andie tweets out all the exercises she does in a week

Timothy Caulfield:

TWEETER:Timothy Caulfield, professor of health law at the University of Alberta

TWEETS ABOUT: The latest health studies, science news and solid RTs

Lorene Sauro:

TWEETER:Lorene Sauro, pastry chef and holistic nutritionist

TWEETS ABOUT: The best recipe finds on Pinterest (for those of you who aren't always on Pinterest), benefits of healthy foods and nutrition tips

Dr. Meghan Walker:

TWEETER: Dr. Meghan Walker, naturopathic doctor based in Toronto

TWEETS ABOUT: The latest in health news, quick facts on fitness and bacteria and shares links from various news sites.

Dr. Mike Hart:

TWEETER:Dr. Mike Hart, family physician and nutritional consultant based in London. Ont.

TWEETS ABOUT: Inspirational health quotes and answers readers' questions/tweets on his website

Lianne Phillipson-Webb:

TWEETER: Lianne Phillipson-Webb, nutritionist at Sprout Right

TWEETS ABOUT: Tweets about healthy babies and everything health-related a new mom needs to know

Kathy Smart:

TWEETER: Kathy Smart, TV chef, host, and nutritionist based in Ottawa, Ont.

TWEETS ABOUT: Gluten-free recipes and tips, and how to heal yourself naturally

Craig Ballantyne:

TWEETER: Craig Ballantyne, certified strength and conditioning specialist, based in Toronto

TWEETS ABOUT: Losing weight and burning fat with short workouts

Natasha Kyssa:

TWEETER: Natasha Kyssa, author of 'The SimplyRaw Living Foods Detox Manual'

TWEETS ABOUT: Everything you needed to know about raw foods and detoxing


Diana J Herrington:

TWEETER:Diana J Herrington, chef and author of the 'GREEN means LEAN' and 'Balance Your Body'

TWEETS ABOUT: Health tips, eating gluten-free and many RTs

Dr. Natasha Turner:

TWEETER:Dr. Natasha Turner, naturopathic doctor and author based in Toronto

TWEETS ABOUT: Eco-friendly cleaning tips and how to stick to healthy habits


Wendy McCallum:

TWEETER: Wendy McCallum, Natural Nutrition Consultant of Simple Balance

TWEETS ABOUT: Healthy recipes and wholesome foods

Elsbeth Vaino:

TWEETER: Elsbeth Vaino, personal trainer and ski instructor of Custom Strength

TWEETS ABOUT: How to stay healthy on a ski trips and injury recovery tips

Sam Omidi:

TWEETER: Sam Omidi, health training coach and author based in Vancouver

TWEETS ABOUT: Weight loss tips, motivational quotes, workout routines and healthy living


Tash Jefferies:

TWEETER:Tash Jefferies, self-proclaimed lifestyle cheerleader

TWEETS ABOUT: Stress management and healthy cooking

You Be Healthy:

TWEETER: Kim, health guru of You Be Healthy

TWEETS ABOUT: Holistic medicine, recipes and even tweets seeds and sprouting

Angela Liddon:

TWEETER: Angela Liddon, health writer and founder of Oh She Glows

TWEETS ABOUT: Healthy vegan recipes and debunking vegan myths

Joyce Fredericks:

TWEETER: Joyce Fredericks, personal trainer based in Toronto

TWEETS ABOUT: The best yoga classes, fitness tips on pilates and TRX, and superfoods

Kyle J.Norton:

TWEETER: Kyle J.Norton, health researcher and writer

TWEETS ABOUT: Health articles, industry updates — overall, one source to get several types of health news

Leslie Beck:

TWEETER: Leslie Beck, registered dietitian and author based in Toronto

TWEETS ABOUT: Easy lunch recipes, how to kick sugar out of your diet and medical studies

Dr. Joey Shulman:

TWEETER: Dr. Joey Shulman, nutritionist and author

TWEETS ABOUT:Weight loss stories, inspirational quotes and daily vitamins

Brooke Bulloch:

TWEETER: Brooke Bulloch, registered dietitian of

TWEETS ABOUT: Quick cooking tips, healthy recipes and meal planning ideas. She's also great at responding to questions.


Caryn Roll:

TWEETER:Caryn Roll, registered dietitian based in Montreal

TWEETS ABOUT: Healthy recipes and cooking tips — oh, and no trans fats allowed

Helen Branswell:

TWEETER: Helen Branswell, medical reporter for The Canadian Press

TWEETS ABOUT: International and Canadian health news, flu updates and a focus on polio

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