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Try These Healthy Alternatives To Your Kid's Favourite Foods

Because they can't live off hot dogs (even though they might try).
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There's no doubt that feeding your kids well can be a challenge.

There's the fussy eating, which is no joke. There's their occasional refusal to sit at the table (are you even really a parent until you've chased a toddler around the living room, begging him or her to try some eggs?). And when you do find a food your kid loves, there's a good chance it's all they will ever want to eat again (can a child live off hot dogs, though?).

But with childhood obesity rates nearly tripling over the last 30 years, and new research that finds children are the biggest consumers of ultra-processed foods, it's important to make sure our kids are eating nutritious, healthy meals ... even if all they want to eat is pizza.

Luckily, there are tons of great and yummy-looking alternatives out there. And we rounded some up for you.

Here are some healthy alternatives to classic kid favourites that look just as tasty as the originals:

1. Spaghetti squash tater tots


Try these if your kids love: Tater tots

Get the recipe:Listotic

2. Cinnamon apple chips

Carrie's Experimental Kitchen

Try these if your kids love: Gummy fruit snacks

3. Oven fried chicken

Getty Images/iStockphoto

Try these if your kids love: Fried chicken

Get the recipe:The Food Network

4. Balsamic grilled carrot dogs (yes, really!)

Well Vegan

Try these if your kids love: Hot dogs

Get the recipe:Well Vegan

5. Quinoa pizza bites

Live Well Bake Often

Try these if your kids love: Pizza, pizza pockets, pizza bites

Get the recipe: Live Well Bake Often

6. Baked shells with winter squash

Martha Stewart

Try these if your kids love: Mac and cheese

Get the recipe: Martha Stewart

7. Loaded veggie grilled cheese sandwiches

The Dreaming Foodie

Try these if your kids love: Grilled cheese

Get the recipe:The Dreaming Foodie

8. Homemade alphabet soup

Genius Kitchen


Try this if your kids love: Canned alphabet soup

Get the recipe:Genius Kitchen

9. Whole wheat blueberry pancakes with maple yogurt sauce

Pop Sugar

Try these if your kids love: Pancakes

Get the recipe:Pop Sugar

10. Chocolate banana frozen yogurt bark

My Fussy Eater

Try this if your kid loves: Ice cream

Get the recipe:My Fussy Eater

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