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Healthy Popsicle Recipes For Kids That Will Keep Them Cool All Summer

These look pretty tempting for adults, too ... we're just saying.
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It's really just simple math: summer + popsicles + kids = happiness.

But if you want to subtract the sugar and highly-processed ingredients that tend to be found in a lot of the store-bought goodies, you might want to try making your own. Popsicles are surprisingly easy to whip up in your own kitchen, and this way you know exactly what your little ones are slurping back.

We rounded up 15 of the most delicious, home-made, healthy popsicles for kids we could find. They look so good, you might want to make an extra batch for the grown-ups ...

1. Fresh fruit popsicles

The Best Ideas For Kids

2. Coconut blueberry smash pops

Wallflower Kitchen

Get the recipe:Wallflower Kitchen

3. Healthy Greek yogurt chocolate fudge pops

Baker by Nature

Get the recipe: Baker by Nature

4. Fruit and yogurt swirl pops

Woman's Day

Get the recipe:Woman's Day

5. Ripe peach popsicles

The View From Great Island

6. Fruit and veggie popsicles for toddlers

Life With My Littles

Get the recipe:Life With My Littles

7. Chocolate avocado popsicles

The Little Epicurean

Get the recipe:The Little Epicurean

8. Watermelon ice pops

Laura Trevey

Get the recipe:Laura Trevey

9. Apple strawberry popsicles

Vegan in the Freezer

Get the recipe:Vegan in the Freezer

10. Hidden veggie power popsicles

My Home Based Life

Get the recipe: My Home Based Life

11. Peanut butter banana fudge pops

Feeding Your Beauty

Get the recipe:Feeding Your Beauty

12. Easy breakfast yogurt popsicles

i heart naptime

Get the recipe:i heart naptime

13. Pineapple ring ice pops

Eats Amazing

Get the recipe:Eats Amazing

14. Green smoothie popsicles

Vegan Heaven

Get the recipe:Vegan Heaven

15. Kiwi popsicles

The Produce Mom

Get the recipe:The Produce Mom

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