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Hiccup Stick: Hicural Hiccup Sticks Claims To Make Hiccups Vanish

Presenting: A Gadget To Help Cure The Hiccups

There are a few traditional ways everyone knows to cure the hiccups: holding our breath, tickling our tongues, or getting someone to scare us. But guess what? We may have be doing it all wrong.

One company has decided to put all those remedies to rest and are asking consumers to bite down hard. Hicural's Hiccup Stick (starting at $10), is a stick that's inserted horizontally in your mouth, according to After biting down and drinking a glass of water, the company claims those annoying hiccups will magically disappear.

Hiccups are contractions of the diaphragm, the muscle that separates your chest from your abs, according to the Mayo Clinic. Each of these contractions also closes your vocal cords, which is usually why we hear the 'hic' sound.

As far as the Hiccup Stick goes, apparently you can't just take any stick and put it in your mouth. The Hiccup Stick is designed to allow air and water to mix, and make your throat muscles tense — ultimately freeing you from your hiccups.

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If you're constantly getting hiccups, you can blame your meals and drinks. For most people, hiccups (unless you have chronic hiccup disorder, which usually lasts for longer periods of time), are caused by eating large meals, drinking alcohol and fizzy beverages. The Mayo Clinic also notes some people just get hiccups from being suddenly excited, swallowing too much air or smoking.

And for babies, hiccups are not only more common (babies actually start hiccuping as they roll around in the womb), they're often caused by breast milk, formulas and other foods, according to The Baby Center.

But some studies have shown that hiccups are more common for one sex than the other. Men are more likely to have hiccups, and for a longer period of time compared to females.

So if you're up for experimenting (and willing to look a little awkward) with the Hiccup Stick, let us know how it goes in the comments below. In the meantime, check out these other eight (and more common) ways to get rid of the annoying 'hic'.

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