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#Holiday911: Let Us Help You With Your Holiday Dilemmas

Give a Gift
Give a Gift

Readers, there's no easy way to put this, so we're just going to come out and say it: The holidays can be a pain.

Yes, Christmas parties are tons of fun, and yes, getting really thoughtful presents makes you feel very loved, but there's a lot of pressure this time of year that can pile up and become overwhelming if you're not too careful.

So we want to know — how can we help? The editors of HuffPost Canada's lifestyle sections want to make this holiday season easier on you, whether that means helping to come up with a truly great gift, suggesting the best outfit for your new boyfriend's family's Christmas party or figuring out a way to graciously turn down a dinner invitation to your boss's house. And if we don't know the answers, we'll find the experts who do.

Starting now until Christmas, we're here to answer your queries. Leave us a comment below this story, tweet us with the hashtag #holiday911, post on our Facebook walls (and that goes for Canada Living, Canada Style, Parentdish Canada or Stylelist Canada) or email us at For gift suggestions, be sure to let us know how much you'd like to spend, the age and hobbies of the recipient and where you're located.

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