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Welcome To The Home Stretch: Our Weekly Round-up On Housing News In Canada

Is Toronto's housing market finally cooling off? What does avocado toast have to do with owning your first home? And more.

This week's round-up is written by Ron Nurwisah, who prefers peanut butter and jelly on his toast, thank you very much. Send him comments, ideas and more.

Is the Toronto housing bubble over? Probably not. But the real estate market in Canada's biggest city has definitely cooled off in recent weeks. HuffPost Canada business editor Daniel Tencer lists why he thinks this is the case. Two of the signs he spotted: Sales are down and listings are up.

It's a feeling that's echoed by Toronto realtor Melanie Piche's blog post. The Toronto market seems to have taken a bit of a pause after Queen's Park introduced laws to slow down the runaway housing market. It remains to be seen how long this situation will last. The post also includes some reasonable tips for buyers and sellers alike.

Young and want to buy a home? Maybe you should stop burning your money on avocado toasts and fancy coffees. That's the "wise" financial advice doled out by Australian real estate mogul Tim Gurner earlier this week. Gurner's comments inspired a flood of posts, avocado toast calculators and no shortage of eye-rolling. BTW, our friends at Global crunched the numbers and the average millennial would have to skip their daily avocado repast for 11 years to afford a down payment on a home in Vancouver.

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“When I was trying to buy my first home, I wasn’t buying smashed avocado for $19 and four coffees at $4 each.

— Tim Gurner, Real Estate Mogul

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