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How Many Of These Pumpkin Spice Products Are You Willing to Try?

Aside from lattes, there's a plethora of other pumpkin spice stuff like lip balm, Pop-Tarts, chips litter?

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Is there anything as polarizing as pumpkin spice? There are those who are repulsed by the flavour and then there are those who mark the date Starbucks begins serving pumpkin spice lattes on their calendar app. There’s no better time to be a pumpkin spice lover than the fall. This is the time we overindulge in beverages, pies and other baked goods—even beer now.

According to Neilson stats, sales of pumpkin-flavoured products continue to grow. It brought in $488 million in 2018, a 15.5% increase from 2017. Unlike kelp and rainbow bagels, pumpkin spice is proving to be less of a fad and more of a staple. Is it getting out of hand? Perhaps. We draw the line at pumpkin spice scented cat litter but to each their own.

Here are some interesting – and at times, outrageous – pumpkin spice products you can buy online.

Pumpkin enzyme mask


Follow your favourite fall flavour all the way to Sephora and get a hold of this triple-action exfoliator.

Pumpkin chai candle


Fill your home with a cozy autumn ambiance.

Pumpkin spice coconut chips

Hard to believe these two go together, but they do.

Pumpkin spice air fresheners

Trick your houseguests into thinking you’ve been baking pies all day.

Pumpkin spice cat litter


Just when you think you’ve seen it all…

Pumpkin spice lip balm


Kiss dry lips goodbye with an all natural balm.

Pumpkin spice bath bomb


These orange bath bombs can work some serious aromatherapy magic.

Pumpkin Pop-Tarts


Only hardcore fans would spend 30 bucks on a limited edition box of Pop-Tarts.

Pumpkin spice dog treats

Who says the pumpkin spice craze is limited to humans? Give your pet these low-fat, high flavour treats.

Pumpkin spice Kit Kats


Either hand these out on Halloween or save them all for yourself.

Pumpkin spice hand cream

This ought to leave a lasting impression on everyone you shake hands with.

Pumpkin spice shampoo & conditioner set


Experience the enticing aroma of pumpkin intermingling with cinnamon spice.

Coming soon: Pumpkin spice spam


Starting September 23, you can purchase a can (or two, or more!) at Walmart and Spam’s official website.

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