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How To Protect Yourself And Others From Flu Season

Sing "Happy Birthday" twice while washing your hands.

It’s cold and flu season, we’re in the midst of a sudden coronavirus outbreak, and the last thing you want in your life is to get sick.

It’s in times like these where everyone gets extra paranoid, arming themselves with N95 face masks and wincing at the slightest indication of illness.

What you might be even more concerned about are your kids, especially little ones under five, whose underdeveloped immune systems make them even more susceptible to falling ill. (Just to be clear, you’re much more likely to get the flu than coronavirus, and the best prevention method is still getting the flu shot.)

When it comes to the flu, pregnant women, children under the age of five, and seniors older than 65 have weaker immune systems that can increase their risk of getting sick, according to Ontario’s Ministry of Health.

To prevent others from getting sick, and to ensure you aren’t spreading any germs around, here’s a little refresher from an infectious disease specialist on how we can all stay healthy.

Watch the video above for more details about how to keep from getting sick.

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