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What Is Peppa Pig's Height? The Answer Might Be A Surprise

The cartoon pig's size is now the subject of much online debate.

There’s no end to the enduring questions we hope the internet can answer. If you’ve ever wondered how tall the beloved cartoon character Peppa Pig is, for example, that particular tidbit recently set Twitter aflame.

In what can’t be a coincidence, not so long ago Caillou’s height also alarmed the internet after some intrepid online investigators learned the fictional four-year-old boy is, in fact, a giant-sized boy.

A quick Google search reveals that Peppa Pig is apparently seven feet, and one inch tall. Watch out, Caillou. And Shaquille O’Neil.

Your move, Raptors.

Intriguingly, according to this screenshot that was taken from the Peppa Pig Fanon Wiki (a site composed of fan-made content, so yes, its provenance is decidedly up in the air), Peppa is also the most intelligent pig in her family with an I.Q. of 158.

All this discussion, of course, prompted some burning questions about the average height of male and female pigs in Peppa’s universe. Once again, the internet delivered.

On the heels of Peppa’s first album release, the internet’s love for Peppa shows no signs of slowing down.

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