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DIY With Wendy: How To Fix Holes In Jeans

Salvaging your old faithfuls is easy with these DIY solutions from With Wendy.

Finding the perfect pair of jeans is akin to finding your soulmate. So when you finally do, you never want to part with them, wearing them as often as socially acceptable.

But despite doing everything in your power to maintain their condition (like avoiding washing and drying machines at all costs), overtime, all that love takes its toll and the inevitable happens — your precious denim begins to get worn and torn.

Nevertheless, the thought of tossing or replacing them is unbearable. You've been through so much together; how could you possibly find another pair that's comparable?

Fortunately, thanks to a little help from DIY fashion guru With Wendy, you might be able to hold onto those special jeans a little longer. In the video above, Wendy shows us how to easily mend holes and worn spots on jeans, and it's far easier than you think! She also has a few other DIY solutions for upgrading jeans.

Have an old pair of flared or boot cut jeans, but have grown tired of the style? In the tutorial below, Wendy reveals how to transform them into skinny jeans:

And if your plain ol' jeans could use a bit of glam, follow Wendy's tutorial below for adding fun fringe and patchwork to your jeans:

Finally, when it does come time for a new pair of jeans, rather than take them to a tailor to be hemmed, follow Wendy's easy DIY hemming tutorial below:

Wendy Liu is a Toronto-based DIY fashion guru. If you love her amazing DIY tutorials as much as we do, head over to her blog With Wendy or subscribe to her YouTube channel.

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