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How To Hide Your Farts: The Flatulence Deodorizer Attempts To Mask Scent (PHOTO)

Attention Getter: Smelly Farts? Now You Can Hide Them
Flat-D Flatulence Deoderizer

Well, now we've seen it all -- there is now a product that's a constant reminder of how smelly farts can be.

Colonial Medical Assisted Devices, an online medical supply website, has created the ultimate scented pad, The Flatulence Deodorizer, to mask everything that comes out of your rear end. They've also designed a padded scented pillow, just in case you decide to, you know, fart in your chair for a few hours.

And fellas, if you're trying to disguise your scent wearing boxer shorts -- it won't work. These pads are specifically designed for panties, briefs and even pantyhose.

But all jokes aside, farts -- as natural as they are -- can still be embarrassing for a lot of us. Imagine being in the bathroom stall beside your co-worker or boss and instead of letting one go, you try to hold it in. Awkward? Sure. Healthy? Not even close.

Your muscles are only able to hold in farts for a short period of time and holding in gas can result in stomach aches and unexpected release times, according to Chewing your food slowly, avoiding carbonated drinks and even chewing less gum are all ways to decrease the amount of gas you pass. And if you have excessive gas, you should make a trip to the family doctor. Some excessive gas cases have lead to irritable bowel syndrome.

Here are five other questionable products we're probably never going to purchase:

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