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How To Kiss: New (And Tasty) Ways To Lock Lips

Suck. Kiss. Release. Repeat. It's that easy.

It's that exchange between two lips that can sometimes be super awkward or super sloppy. The key to the ultimate kiss isn't about setting the perfect mood -- it's about moving your mouth.

On this week's How-To, Howcast shows us 11 ways to get more creative while locking lips. And trust us, it's going to be easier than it looks. With a not-so-creative list of chocolate, cinnamon candy, ice chips and mint, the video above provides a step-by-step (and detailed) way to turn your lover on with your tongue and lips.

For starters, kissing is all about using the tools you already have. So before you go out and buy candles and download hours of romantic music, the video suggests sucking on your partner's lips or using your tongue to stroke the roof of their mouth.

And while your face is occupied, try using your hands to stroke your partner hair's, or just simply hold their hands for added pleasure.

That exchange of saliva also has its health perks. A typical French kiss moves at least 29 muscles in our face, according to The site also found that one small peck can burn up to three calories -- so you may want to pack in few kisses in your daily workout routine.

Another 2009 study found that smooching was a way for women to build up an immunity to cytomegalovirus -- a virus that can cause significant harm to a fetus in-utero, according to an article in health journal Medical Hypotheses.

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