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How To Meal Plan: 10 Ways To Stick To A Healthy Routine

Yes, it is possible.

Everyone loves the idea of meal planning, but not many people buckle down and do it.

Meal planning can be ideal for anyone — whether you're trying to eat healthier, lose weight or just learn how to cook new meals, prepping in advance will make sure you stick to a nutritious routine.

"When life gets busy it’s easy succumb to fast or unhealthy choices regardless of how much knowledge you may have in regards to eating healthy," says Kirstin Schell, a registered holistic nutritionist at GoodLife Fitness. "Having meals planned and ready at our finger tips makes us more likely to make healthier choices before hunger kicks in."

One of the biggest concerns of meal planning is the idea of eating the same meal every day. But Schell says if you prep your ingredients ahead of time, you can actually play with different types of recipes,

"Take 10 to 15 minutes each week and search for a new a recipe that intrigues you and is within your cooking comfort zone. Eat one for dinner and the other for lunch, this helps switch things up a bit.," she says.

Ideally, you should try prepping and cooking on Sundays or Wednesdays (if you really need to change things up) but always have fresh veggies chopped and frozen ready to cook.

Schell says you should avoid cooking meats and hard boiled eggs too far in advance as cooking them won't keep them from going bad. Instead she recommends freezing meats you don't plan to eat right away for easy slow cooker meals during the middle of the week

Below Schell shares her top tips on how to meal plan.. and stick to it.

Meal Planning Requires A Visual

10 Tips For Meal Planning

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