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Lights Out: 10 Ways To Get Better Sleep

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We all have those nights of tossing and turning, the ones where we try to block out the city's noise from outside our window or ignore our snoring partner. And moreover, sleeping can easily seem overrated -- especially when the daytime hours filled with working, taking care of kids or trying to find some alone time in between feel all too short. We talked to author Michelle Cederberg of "Energy Now! Small Steps To An Energetic Life" on what it takes to get a peaceful good night's rest these days, and why it matters.

"We usually take sleep for granted. We plough through the day, go to bed, and just try to fall asleep. I'm not sure when sleep became a luxury, but it seems to be something that many of us top up on once the weekend arrives, or the next vacation. That's not how it works. Rest is not something that should be gained through infrequent overdoses -- it's a daily requirement," she says.

Here are Cederberg's 10 ways to sleep like a baby:

Keep Up With Your Commitments

How To Get The Best Sleep


Egyptian cotton anyone? Why finding the right linens will help you sleep better at night.

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