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How To Style The Clothes You Already Have

For those days when you feel like you have "nothing to wear."

When it comes to fashion, it's easy to fall for every trend you see on the runway, and crave for something new to add to your closet.

No matter how many pieces we have in our wardrobe, we always open it up thinking, "I have nothing to wear," because you've already worn everything. However, the one neat thing about the world of fashion is that you can make any piece look new again by simply changing the way you style it.

The first step to styling what you already have, is to browse through your current wardrobe and pick out some of your beloved pieces. Next, sort them by the category they belong to: outerwear, dress, top, bottoms, shoes, etc.

It's all trial and error after this, and you will only know if something will pair well together by trying it on. Here are a few easy tricks on how to change up a look that will work season after season:

Throw a jacket over your shoulders for ultimate chicness. This can be a leather jacket, a blazer or even a coat. This is the favoured look by all fashionistas.

There's something to be said about a tuck. Tucking your shirt all the way through exudes professionalism and sophistication. Tucking it half-way conveys a more casual, yet chic vibe. And lastly, not tucking it at all expresses a relaxed and easy-going vibe. Depending on the occasion, choose a tuck that's right for you.

Change up the look by cuffing the bottom of your jeans or rolling up the sleeves on your shirt. There's nothing more laid-back and cool than this.

If you're used to button-ups, it's now time to switch it up with button-downs. The good news is that the piece doesn't change. Just undo a few buttons for something less dressy, yet still professional (tip: replace the bra with a lace bralette for a feminine touch).

A change in shoes can change your overall look. If you wore a pair of heels with the same pieces last time, switch it up for a pair of ankle booties or sneakers. It'll inject a little newness, even to an outfit that you've worn over a dozen times.

Next time, don't fret when you look into your closet, because there are plenty of new ways to wear your existing pieces — try these tricks and see how they work for you!

Aney Mei is a Toronto-bashed fashion blogger behind Allure Of Simplicity. For more style inspiration, follower her on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

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