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How To Support Your Kid When They Come Out As LGBTQ+

In that moment, all they want is to feel accepted.

“Coming out is a really critical step for a lot of queer youth,” sex educator Dr. Nadine Thornhill tells HuffPost Canada. “And coming out and starting to get acceptance from the people that they care about really does a lot to help their mental health, their physical health and their overall wellbeing.”

It’s true that coming out can be a challenging experience, both for the child and the parent. In this video, Dr. Thornhill tries to make it a little easier, by talking us through how to be an affirming parent, one who supports, loves and celebrates their child, just as they are.

From what to do if they choose only to come out to one parent, to addressing the question of whether it might just be a phase, Dr. Thornhill clarifies how you can be sensitive and tender when the moment finally happens, so your kid feels comfortable and safe discussing their identity with you.

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