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Welcome to HuffPost Canada Style!

Our national dialog on fashion has never been better, with local heroes like Joe Fresh and Smythe winning the hearts of international sartorial icons, and homegrown bloggers taking the fashion world by storm. We want to bring this dialog to HuffPost Canada Style, making it the place where you can embrace and express your personal style.

Fashion is such a complicated lady. For every flattering Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen gown fit for a royal bridesmaid, there is a Bjork swan dress lurking on a red carpet somewhere, waiting for the peanut gallery to come calling. But both are mesmerizing, aren't they? Both capture our imaginations and end up influencing our personal styles in some way.

Through trial and error, we learn what styles work for our bodies and what colours pair best with our eyes -- or clash horribly. We become fashionable partly through our so-called fumbles (yep, I'm speaking from experience here -- more on that a little later). We each come into our own style by embracing what works for us, irrespective of what everyone else is wearing. But inspiration is a must. Idols are essential (mine, for example, is the incredible Katharine Hepburn). Opinions -- whether they're our inner voices or the reactions from those around us -- matter. And fun makes it all worthwhile.

Which is why I'm honoured to introduce you to a website that incorporates all those elements and then some: HuffPost Canada Style.

It couldn't be a better time to launch a style site in Canada, and in particular, a HuffPost site. Our national dialog on fashion has never been better, with local heroes like Joe Fresh and Smythe winning the hearts of international sartorial icons (Sarah Jessica Parker and Kate Middleton, for example), homegrown bloggers like Tommy Ton taking the fashion world by storm, and international stores like Top Shop and Intermix blowing past customs and setting up shop in our cities. Add to all this the fact that HuffPost Canada had a successful launch of our Living vertical just a few months ago (check it out!), and the stage is set.

We want HuffPost Canada Style to be the place you can find everything you need to embrace and express your personal style. You'll find all the latest news; the best in celebrity style captured on camera; beauty, makeup and hair how-tos from the country's best experts; and home decor ideas and inspirations that'll have you wanting to nest well through the winter.

And because good style is important for so many special occasions in our lives, we'll also cover wedding style and planning, entertaining and etiquette, and much more.

We'll cover the hottest Canadian trends, designers, events and shows, but we'll also draw from the amazing international fashion content from our U.S. and UK sister sites -- it's the best of all worlds. In true HuffPost fashion, we'll have plenty of original features and blog posts for you to read, as well as conversations for you to join. That last part is key; you are an essential part of this site and we want to showcase the things you love alongside celebrity style like Beyonce's.

The perfect way to get involved in this new site is our new Citizen Style feature: we're calling on you, our readers, bloggers and fashion lovers across the country to send us photos, videos and tweets about what's happening and hot in your city -- check out our first edition. The feature is an interactive way to showcase the sartorial smarts that reside in Canada.

And inevitably, there are the less-than-smart moments that happen to everyone. I've certainly had my share -- the Northern Reflections kitten/deer/bird sweaters I wore with red and pink cords, or the few months I thought rocking tees devoted to musicals would make me hip both come to mind (hello, Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat was awesome). These things happen! But the best part is having a good laugh after -- and we'll do plenty of that too.

So grab a camera, send us a tweet, send us your favourite YouTube videos, Tumblrs, Pinterests, and blogs, and let us know what stories you want us to cover. Get in touch with us on Twitter at @HuffPostCaStyle. And you can reach me at @sarahkelsey.

Welcome to HuffPost Canada Style. We're really excited about this new site and all it's going to offer, and we hope you'll enjoy the sartorial ride.

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