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Ice Chunks Are Washing Up In Cape Cod. And You Thought It Was Cold In Your City.

Just call it Cape Cold! Nyuk nyuk nyuk.

Just call it Cape Cold! Ha. Ha.

Winter has brought miserable weather right across the East Coast of North America. Snow has buried people's yards, created slush waves and forced some to dig tunnels just to reach their cars.

And it's not quite done yet. This horrible season has manifested itself in the form of giant, car-sized ice chunks that are washing up in Cape Cod.

CBS Boston reported Monday that the ice had washed up in Wellfleet, Mass. along the Cape Cod National Seashore in recent days.

Network meteorologist Eric Fisher said the chunks could mark a "once-in-a-generation" event as an incredible volume of ice has landed in the area.

It isn't unusual for ice chunks to form like this in colder months but they're bigger this time because "there has been no snow melt in between storms," Cape Cod National Seashore administrator Marianne McCaffrey told The Boston Globe.

The chunks form in the water and then fall on beaches when the tide goes out. They move up on the shore as the tide comes back.

Though sizable, the ice chunks are not expected to hang around for a long time, Fisher said.

Here are some more photos of Cape Cod's ice chunks to check out before they disappear:


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