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Improve Sex Life: 10 Ways Women Can De-Stress And Reboot


Stress is an inevitable part of life. In Neanderthal times, cortisol (the main stress hormone) was released during times of danger.

It sparked the fight-or-flight reaction and enabled humans to react to life-threatening situations — like running from those saber-toothed tigers. However, in today’s modern world, stress is more likely to be due to feeling overwhelmed or overextended at work and home than escaping from a prehistoric animal! This means that we come home from work feeling anxious, hassled, and decidedly unsexy. Luckily, there are several things you can do to help de-stress and find your sexy once again.

LOOK — 10 ways women can improve their sex lives:

Do Your Most Stressful Tasks Early In The Day

10 Ways To De-Stress Your Sex Life

Do Your Most Stressful Tasks Early In The Day

It’s human nature to put off unpleasant tasks as long as possible, but the more you neglect your growing in-box, the more stressed and unhappy you will feel throughout the day. It’s better to get those worrying tasks out of the way so that you aren't rushing around right before you leave the office.

Go Offline

If possible, turn off your work phone or log out of your company e-mail after 6 p.m. Make dinner a time to reconnect with your partner and relax over a nice meal. You can’t do that if you both have your phones buzzing away.

Exercise Early In The Day

If you do your workout late at night, you might find that it interrupts your sleep and you won’t be able to reap the energizing and feel-good benefits throughout the day. Also, by checking one more thing off your to-do list early, you’ll feel more positive and relaxed throughout the day.

Celebrate Little Occasions

Don’t wait for date night to have fun with your partner. Have weekday rituals such as game night or margarita Mondays, when you simply celebrate each other and stay in the moment. Fun shouldn’t only happen on the weekends.

Check Unnecessary Clutter Off Your To-Do List

You can’t be everything to everyone at all times. You need time for yourself, and you can’t be your best version of yourself if you are stressed and moody. Make some “me” time, whether it’s a hot bath at the end of the day or a friend date for a mani-pedi.

Vent To Someone Else

When women get stressed, we’re likely to go into tend-and-befriend mode, while guys go into fight-or-flight mode. This might be due to gender roles in the early days — guys went out to tackle the dangerous animals, while women stayed back at the cave and protected and comforted one another. To this day, women still need to vent about a bad day, while guys tend to simply shut down or be physical. Call a friend if you need to complain about the office instead of overwhelming your partner.

Try Yoga

Yoga is a well-known stress buster. Not only can it slow down your racing mind, it also tones and trims your bod!

Try Music Therapy

Sitting in traffic can be incredibly stressful, but if you treat yourself to some new music, you will find that the ride home can actually be fun. Belt out your favorite Adele song and feel the stress melt away.

Stay Open To The Idea of Sex

You might not be in the mood the second you walk in the door or the second your partner touches you, but if you stay open to the idea and allow yourself to feel good, you will probably find that sex might be just what you need.

Share The Load

You don’t have to do it all. Accept your partner’s offer to do the laundry or make dinner, even if he isn’t quite the chef you are. Sometimes burned chicken is worth the free hour you’ll have to take a bath.

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