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Ugly Legacy Of Residential Schools Still Felt Among Indigenous Youth

Indigenous activist Shania Pruden talks about the generational impact.

Residential schools are an ugly part of Canada's history, and they've left the Indigenous community still grappling with its effects today.

Indigenous rights activist and blogger Shania Pruden can speak to this first-hand. Her grandparents grew up in residential schools and her mother attended a day school a residential school where students were allowed to go home at night in Teulon, Man. As a result, Pruden says you can "definitely see the generational effect" and how its taken a toll on the mental health of Indigenous youth today.

In the video above, Pruden shares her experience and what people can do to be an ally to Indigenous youth.

Pruden is one of five ambassadors for the Canadian Alliance on Mental Illness and Mental Health's Faces of Mental Illness project, where Canadians share their experiences of illness, diagnosis, and care.

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