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We've Seen Inside Celebrities' Homes. Now We Have Questions.

Why does Matthew McConaughey have two printers and a collection of luchador masks?

Before the coronavirus pandemic started, peeking inside celebrities’ homes was limited to glossy magazine shoots. No longer.

Between Instagram Live, at-home talk shows, and this weekend’s eight-hour “One World” concert event, fans are receiving way more access to the residences of famous people than we ever expected or, frankly, actually need.

Scanning celebs’ home environments during video chats has become such a ubiquitous hobby that there’s already a Twitter account that gives them all a grade.

But we still have questions of our own about everything we’ve seen.

Why does Matthew McConaughey have two printers and a collection of luchador masks?

YouTube / Global Citizen

There are at least two printers behind the actor — one looks hilariously like a clunky ’90s vintage. But not enough people are talking about the two luchador masks under that blue neon writing. Is the collection purely ornamental, or does McConaughey practice masked Mexican wrestling? We do know they’ve made their way onto his clothing before, so it doesn’t appear to be a passing interest.

Why didn’t Charlie Puth make his bed?

YouTube / Global Citizen

This one got the internet talking. What’s most puzzling is that his bed is almost already made — the singer literally just had to flip over that one cover, and then maybe drop the clothes out of frame. It would be so easy!

Does Jennifer Lopez have a full orchard covered in fairy lights?

YouTube / Global Citizen

It’s not clear what exactly we’re looking at, but we can tell it’s magical, enormous, and undoubtedly very expensive.

Is Pierce Brosnan a painter?

YouTube / Global Citizen

It turns out this one has a pretty clear answer: Yes! The actor worked as an illustrator before getting into acting, and started painting for fun in the ’80s. A portrait he created of Bob Dylan once sold for nearly $2 million.

Does Elton John always have an outdoor piano?

YouTube / Global Citizen

Did he move it out there specifically for the show, or ...?

Has LL Cool J heard the bad news about Aung San Suu Kyi?

YouTube / Global Citizen

As Room Rater pointed out on Twitter, one of the framed posters on the rapper’s otherwise very nice wall is of Aung San Suu Kyi, the de facto leader of Myanmar.

The Nobel Peace Prize winner was once lauded for her efforts to bring democracy to her country, but has raised criticism in more recent years for refusing to condemn her military’s vicious persecution of Rohingya Muslims. Her critics accuse of her enabling genocide, and her story has been removed from the Canadian Museum of Human Rights. Perhaps someone should let LL Cool J know.

Does Rainn Wilson have a hamster?

YouTube / Global Citizen

Is that cage behind “The Office” actor empty, and has it just been relegated to the basement with all the other junk? Owning a home that has an actual basement seems impossible in this economy, but if I did have a basement, this is definitely what it would look like.

Did Kerry Washington colour-code those books herself?

YouTube / Global Citizen

And why exactly did she choose this method? It’s not the kind of thing people take lightly.

How does Jimmy Fallon possibly keep a white couch clean with two little kids?

A couch this colour seems risky even for me, and I don’t have kids.

Also, does he live in a tree house?

YouTube / Global Citizen

And is that red thing a slide? (Yes, yes it is.)

Why does Sheryl Crow have a poster that says “Fried Chicken”?

YouTube / Global Citizen

The area behind the singer is dark, but you can make it out in the top left corner. What exactly is going on?

Has Michael Che had the same room since he was 10?

YouTube / Global Citizen

There’s something charming about how unpretentious and almost childlike the comedian’s bedroom is. (Note the “Sesame Street” name tag at the bottom right.)

Also, quick shoutout to Che: after his grandmother died from complications of the coronavirus, he offered to pay one month’s rent for all 160 apartments in the public housing building she lived in.

Is anyone surprised that Jack Johnson has the lushest, most beautiful front garden?

YouTube / Global Citizen

Of course he does. (He lives in Hawaii!)

When is the class war starting?

Between these giant mansions, J.Lo’s light-up forest and Drake’s weird, cold museum-sized Toronto house, this is what the people want to know.

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