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#InsideOutChallenge Reminds People Not To Be Ashamed Of Mental Illness

"Mental illness shouldn't have to be hidden away, let's start to talk about it."

A new beauty challenge is tackling the stigma around mental health.

Vancouver beauty blogger and mental health advocate Yasaman Gheidi started the #InsideOutChallenge last month. Posting on YouTube and Instagram, she challenged people to use “makeup to create an outward expression of what you or others feel on the inside.”

On Instagram, Gheidi explained that it was her battle with anxiety that inspired her to create this challenge and get people talking about mental health.

At a staff Christmas party last year, Gheidi experienced an anxiety attack and decided to leave quietly with her partner. Not knowing what to tell her coworkers the next day, she asked her partner what she should tell them.

“Without much thought she said to say that I had a headache. I agreed but quickly questioned my decision,” the 27-year-old explained. “Why did I have to be ashamed and lie about my anxiety attack? So many wonderful and amazing people suffer from the same mental illnesses that I do on a daily basis. Why can't we just talk about it openly? Mental illness shouldn't have to be hidden away, let's start to talk about it.”

After Gheidi came up with her challenge, she then decided to name it after the Disney-Pixar film “Inside Out.”

“[Inside Out] was one of the first movies that I have seen that was able to visually illustrate feelings and emotions,” she told Revelist. “I find that many times people with mental illnesses are not taken seriously because there are not always physical symptoms that can be easily seen.”

Pretty soon, the beauty blogger’s makeup challenge took off on social media, with many people bravely sharing their mental health stories to raise awareness.

Inspired by the insanely talented @lilmoonchildd This look is for her amazing #insideoutchallenge focusing on bringing attention to mental illness. For this look I channeled how I'm feeling at low points of my depression and anxiety. Social anxiety can completely take over your life. Every day is a battle. From the pressure of going to work, any type of event or social gathering, even just personal interaction. Your mind feels jumbled and confused. Leaving you with little to no words to speak. The feelings of insecurity and low self esteem hit. Your mind starts to pass judgement, calling you things like stupid, ugly, lazy, fat, making you feel as if you're bottled away from the rest of the world. That people don't care what you have to say. The depressed episodes happen and sit so heavy on your soul, so heavy that you don't even want to move. You ask yourself why but there is no explanation most of the time. People call you lazy, say you're being dramatic, but you know that you can't help it. Words may seem small to some people, but to others, they weigh your heart down so much that it feels like the world is crashing down on you. It's all you think about. Please be kind to one another. You are stronger than your illness. Every mental illness matters. I want to thank @lilmoonchildd for opening up the discussion about mental illness. We don't have to suffer in silence. 💜__________________________________________________ Products used: @mehronmakeup Paradise Paint Palette @morphe 35 B Palette @limecrimecosmetics Venus 2 palette -mud -mustard @maccosmetics pro longwear fluid liner in "blacktrack" Foundation is MAC pro longwear Contour is #anastasiabeverlyhillscreamcontour __________________________________________________ #insideoutchallenge #liftthestigma #makeup #mentalillness #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #featuremuas #undiscovered_muas #shoutoutmakeupbeauty #underratedmuas #makeupslaves #glits #glittermakeup #glitter #selftaught #makeupshoutout #undiscoveredmua #undiscovered_muas #makeupjunkie #anastasiabeverlyhills #anastasiabeverlyhills #urbandecay #urbandecaycosmetics #eyekandy #vegasnay #eylure #eyelure #katvond #morphe #mehronmakeup

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While Gheidi admitted on Instagram that she initially had anxiety sharing her Inside Out Challenge, she knew she had to. “This video is about much more than makeup, it’s about starting a campaign to spread awareness of mental health illnesses via art,” she wrote.

Since sharing her “inner self” with the world, the blogger has received a ton of positive feedback. “It’s amazing to know you're not alone. There's a lot of comfort in that unity,” Gheidi told CTV. “I created this challenge to start a conversation so that I could start chipping away at mental health.”

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