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International Kissing Day 2012: Kissing Tips


International Kissing Day is here, so lay one on your loved one -- just make sure you know how to kiss like a pro.

While we also didn't know such a day existed until this week, it seems the United Kingdom has been celebrating this 'holiday' for years, possibly thanks to a dental insurance company. But it's taken on a life of its own, with experts emphasizing the importance of kissing -- without necessarily thinking about what else it can lead to.

With a little practice, kissing come naturally, but did you know Canadians have their own preferences when puckering up? Romantic social network polled 13,000 members from around the world to determine Canada's kissing dos and don'ts, including the best kind of kiss, when PDA is A-OK and the biggest kissing turnoffs.

Are you committing a cardinal kissing sin? Flip through the slideshow and see.

Try This Kiss


Try This Kiss

Which is Canada's favourite smooch? The peck? The cheek kiss? The Spiderman? Nope, Canadian men opt for sensual liplocks while women prefer a proper French kiss.

To French kiss like a connoisseur, don't act aggressively, and follow your partner's lead, according to Ask Dan & Jennifer.

Freshen Your Breath

Canada's kissing turnoffs include biting, slobbering and too much tongue, but nothing sends us running in the other direction like bad breath.

Breathe easier before a kiss and prevent bad breath by increasing vitamin C intake to reduce bacteria growth, or chewing on herbs, MSN says. Gum and mints provide only a temporary fix.

Slow Down

Would you kiss on a first date? Canadians are split almost 50/50 on this issue, so proceed with caution. Once you get the green light, start with short kisses and a closed mouth before speeding things up. Take the time to enjoy kissing instead of rushing into more advanced intimacy.

Pucker Up

Moisture is a must before a kiss, says, but toss the gloss and lipstick, which can make your kiss sticky. If you dare, try a mint lip balm, as the menthol can send a sensation from your lips to your nether regions, according to Women's Health.

Don't Force It

Eighty-eight per cent of Canadians wish their partners would initiate liplocks more often, according to Just make sure you wait for the right moment (not when your partner is talking or getting something out of his/her eye, Ask Men notes). Also, remember to read her lips: no means no.

Use Your Hands

Putting your hands to work by drawing your partner in or caressing him/her can build intimacy before or during a kiss, even in public. A whopping 93 per cent of Canadians don't mind a little PDA, according to But don't smother your beau's face with your hands (ugh!) or get too handsy out in the open.

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