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Iogo Yogurt In Canada: New Yogurt Brands Ramp Up Competition

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Keep your eyes open in the dairy aisle this week -- a new brand of yogurt is storming onto the scene in the grocery store. Created by Ultima Foods, who have worked with yogurt in Canada for over 40 years, iögo is a new brand of yogurt and fresh dairy products made 100 per cent in Canada.

Yogurt is one of the most widely enjoyed foods in the country, with Canadians having doubled the amount of yogurt they consumed from 1995 to 2005. For health benefits, the dairy dish is touted as containing 10 essential nutrients, like calcium and vitamin B12.

The competition for the breakfast food started earlier this year, with brands like Chobani and President's Choice taking advantage of the public's new love for Greek yogurt, as Toronto Life reported.

Official launches for iögo took place last night Montreal and Toronto, while a flash mob also canvassed Toronto's business district this morning.

With its motto of "the natural taste," iögo is created without gelatin, artificial colours or flavours, and no preservatives. Available in seven lines (fat-free yogurt, probiotic yogurt with lactose-free options, Greek-style yogurt, drinkable yogurt, fresh cheese and -- wait for it -- cheese in a tube), iögo comes in over 40 flavours.

Our Favourites, Based On Our Taste Test...

Greek (Greko) yogurt with honey, 0% yogurt with apples and cinnamon, probiotic yogurt with strawberry and rhubarb, as well as the probiotic option with figs and dates. There's a serious range of flavours -- check them out here.

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