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Think He's Unfaithful? Your Phone Can Tell You

You might be able to tell a man's personality by the company he keeps, his income by the car he drives, and his interests by his hobbies. But can you figure out how faithful he'll be? Well, with a new app, those factors might just make that a possibility.

The Cheater Meter is an iPhone app that helps users gauge a man's unfaithfulness using 10 questions that ask about things like his build and income. The questions are formulated from years of couple and relationship studies and the app's accuracy has users talking, according to Dr. Ish Major, the app's developer and an expert on infidelity.

"Both men and women agree; it is highly accurate. The empowerment comes from now being armed with critical information and explanations (at the end of the app) as to why the questions are so meaningful," said Dr. Major in an interview with Yahoo

While past studies have shown that up to 70 per cent of men and 60 per cent of women admit to being unfaithful, few outline a pattern in cheating, as Cheater Meter is purported to do.

"If you notice, women never cheat with a man who is 'less than' the man she already has. He is usually a man of similar or more means, similar or more attractiveness, similar or more agreeable temperament," said Dr. Major, adding that when men cheat it's usually for sex, and "it's almost never with a woman who's as attractive as the one he currently has."

So what does this all mean for all the faithful men out there? Besides reinforcing some stable sexual chemistry, their own concerns aren't being pushed aside. Dr. Major is reportedly working on an app that lets men find out if their next date might be a prospective cheater too.

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