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Is Kate Middleton Due On April 25th?

As the world waits for baby number two, Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, continue to stay silent on royal baby news.

But following Kensington Palace's baby plan announcement last week, The Christian Post is now saying the Duchess is due on April 25th, four days before the couple's fourth wedding anniversary on April 29th.

The Duchess herself has not confirmed an exact due date, though she did let it slip that she is expected to give birth from mid-to-end of April.

The rumour mill has also been busy speculating this baby could be a girl, thanks to a delivery of paint to the royal household that included "decidedly feminine" colours. Though we're guessing anyone working with the royals would know better than to really reveal that kind of information.

Whenever baby number two arrives, he or she is sure to spend some quality time with both parents. Prince William, who has taken a new job as an air ambulance pilot is once again expected to take a two-week paternity leave after the birth of his second child. The second in line to the throne was the first senior British royal to receive paternity leave with the birth of Prince George in 2013.

And so we continue to wait. And while we do, we'll be guessing the name, birthday and gender of the newest royal.


It will be fourth in line to the throne

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