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Is Proper Spelling Still Important?: Quick Study


"I before e, except after c." If you've ever repeated this rhyme to yourself, you know all about the mental spell-check required before sending out messages. But these days, spelling has become shorter and more concise, as we find ourselves using 'u,' 'ur' and relying on auto-correct.

But this doesn't mean we should put our heavy dictionaries away -- the benefits of spelling are endless. "Spelling deserves a much higher status in the attention of reading educators. Spelling is a visible record of language processing, it is language written down," says Dr. Louisa Moats, a consultant advisor to Sopris West Educational Services for Literacy Research and Professional Development in a video for WETA Learning Media.

But what about when we age, does it really matter? Our phones, computers and even casual conversations have taught us how to shorten, abbreviate and quicken the process of what we type or how we talk. You're more likely to type 'min' instead of minute or say ATM as opposed to automated teller machine in a conversation.

"Standardized spelling enables readers to understand writing, to aid communication and ensure clarity. Period. There is no additional reason, other than snobbery, for spelling rules. Computers, smartphones, and tablets are speeding the adoption of more casual forms of communication -- texting is closer to speech than letter writing," says Anne Trubek, an associate professor at Oberlin College in an article for Wired Magazine.

Sometimes, spelling errors don't always make you look so causal. In May, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney had a misspelling experience when his campaign's iPhone application spelled 'America' as 'Amercia,' according to USA Today. And then of course, there was Dan Quayle's famous problem with potatoes, which has probably helped an entire generation remember how to spell the plural form of the word.

What do you think? Is proper spelling still important today? Let us know in the comments below.

And if you already think you know how to spell, spelling game Beezi has created this 12-question online challenge to test your skills. If not, grab your notebook and pen -- here are 30 most common misspelled words:


30 Most Common Misspelled Words

What Twitter does with spelling mistakes:

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