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Jaela Bernstien, CBC Reporter, Confronts 'FHRITP' Hecklers On Camera

Sigh. Just when we thought this was over and done with.

Here's a message to anyone who yells out "f*ck her right in the pussy" on camera: journalists are not putting up with you anymore.

CBC Montreal reporter Jaela Bernstien was conducting an interview on a street when out of frame, some male voices could be heard heckling and yelling the vulgar phrase that often targets female TV journalists.

Another male voice can be heard saying, "take it in the a**."

Bernstien then confronted the men, in a video she posted to her Facebook account.

This is how I dealt with two guys who shouted F**** her in the P**** (FHRITP)*WARNING VERY EXPLICIT LANGUAGE*In...

Posted by Jaela Bernstien on Friday, 5 June 2015

She asked the men whether they thought they were funny. One responded, "I think that it was funny but I think that it was commentary."

Bernstien then asked whether they wanted to be on TV because she was filming them as she spoke.

"For who?" one asked. One of them then displayed a surprised expression and said, "wait," as Bernstien explained why "FHRITP" is offensive.

"It's about women, it's not funny," she said.

The man with the surprised expression then said, "You haven't heard it? You haven't heard it as a joke ..."

Bernstien then responded that she has heard the joke many times, and that it's "really rude. You're making fun of rape, and I'd appreciate it if you don't do it again."

One of the males can be heard saying, "sorry" on the video, and the final shot shows one man covering his face with his hand, while the surprised man waves to the camera.

Bernstien explained on Facebook that the incident occurred while she was VJing — that is, reporting and handling a camera by herself.

The video came just under a month after CityNews reporter Shauna Hunt confronted a group of men who had harassed her on camera with the phrase at a TFC game.

One of the men, Shawn Simoes, was later fired from his Hydro One job that paid him $106,510.60 in 2014.


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