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Jamaican Flagbearer Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce's Ombre Hair Wins Olympic Gold From Twitter

Games are over, Jamaica wins, we're done here.

Until we saw her, the Rio Olympics' opening ceremony was, shall we say, a fairly subdued affair in terms of style.

Aside from that brief glimmer when Gisele strutted through Maracana Stadium, most countries kept it tame during the Parade of Nations Friday night.

And then, Team Jamaica's ombre goddess graced our screens.

Her golden-green tresses, the same colours as both Jamaica and Brazil's flag, cleansed us of any Olympic weariness. She led her fellow Jamaican athletes, some decked out in yellow jumpsuits à la "Kill Bill," because they obviously came to Rio to slay.

Twitter, shaken from the monotony of prep school blazers and flight attendant aesthetics, could not get over Jamaica's flagbearer.

Who is she? Our saviour is Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, Jamaica's track-and-field sprinter. Nicknamed "Pocket Rocket" for her short stature, Fraser-Pryce, 29, was once called the Jamaica's greatest female sprinter, the Jamaican Observer reports.

She can add "greatest hair at the Olympics" to her list of achievements.

Fraser-Pryce had dyed her hair before the opening ceremony, and was spotted jogging with her golden-green locks during a practice session in Rio.

And she looks just as gorgeous in a sunflower crown, in pink, or with green braids.

With hair that good, we say pack it up, folks. The Olympics have peaked. Fraser-Pryce is serving looks too fast and too flawless for anyone else to compete.

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