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Jayden K Smith Warning Is A Hoax Being Spread On Facebook

It's a new version of an old fake warning.

No, someone named Jayden K Smith is not trying to hack into your Facebook account.

Facebook users have been circulating a warning message about a supposed hacker, but the whole thing is fake.

It's new version of an old hoax, warning friends not to accept a request from a "hacker" — in this case, "Jayden K Smith" — because it will then give them access to their personal information.

Variants of the same message using the names Anwar Jitou, Tanner Dwyer and Bobby Roberts have also been circulated in the past, according to the Telegraph.

The message says:

"Please tell all the contacts in your Messenger list, not to accept Jayden K. Smith friendship request. He is a hacker and has the system connected to your Facebook account. If one of your contacts accepts it, you will also be hacked, so make sure that all your friends know it. Thanks. Forwarded as received."

Though forwarding this message will help no one, several reputable sites like Snopes point out that the hoax serves as an important reminder not to accept friend requests from strangers or suspicious accounts.

Facebook accounts contain a lot of personal information that could be exploited by the wrong person.

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