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JCPenney's 'Real Size Mannequins' Feature Woman In Wheelchair, Man With Dwarfism

'Real Size' Mannequins Are A Step In The Right Direction

First there were plus-size mannequins, then mannequins with pubic hair and now, JCPenney is the latest retailer to finally display "real people" in its stores' windows.

The "real size mannequins," which are featured in the store's Manhattan Mall location, are inspired by actual people who come in various shapes, sizes and abilities.

One of the mannequins is modeled after Dawna Callahan, who's in a wheelchair due to incomplete paralysis; another is modeled after former army paratrooper Neil Duncan, who lost both of his legs in Afghanistan; while others are modeled after Ricardo Gil, who has dwarfism; college basketball player Desiree Hunter and plus-size mom Beth Ridgeway.

JCPenney's Senior Vice President of Marketing, Debra Berman, said, "JCPenney understands that we've been fitting the diversity of America for over 100 years; we've been doing it broadly across the country for a long time. We understand, and we like to say 'fit is our super power.'"

On the opposite side of the spectrum is American retailer J Crew, who came under fire last week for revealing a new 000 size.

What do you think of the "real size" mannequins?

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