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Joan Rivers Mocked Canada Because She Loved Us (PHOTO)

In her epic comedic career, Joan Rivers never held back and rarely apologized, even when mocking Canada.

But she mocked because she loved.

Here are a few times that she poked fun at the Great White North.

On performing up north: "I love performing in Canada. It's so cold it keeps my skin tighter. If I'd lived there all my life, I would have needed less work done."

When "Fashion Police" premiered in Canada: "I love Canadians because they're a peaceful people. Their Civil War was an eight-minute bar fight."

On Rob Ford: "Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is running for re-election from rehab. His slogan is, 'I may not be at work, but I'm just 12 steps away.'"

On Justin Bieber: "Justin Bieber has a bald eagle tattoo on his shoulder. Canada is thrilled and hopes everyone will now think he's an American asshole."

On Bieber's fashion sense: "You are just like your shoes, ordinary and completely white."

On the Juno Awards: "Justin Bieber was booed when he won Canada's Juno Award. Canadians are so polite, the crowd then said, 'We're sorry!'"

She just couldn't leave Bieber alone: "I said Justin Bieber looked like a little lesbian — and I stand by it: he's the daughter Cher wishes she'd had."

On Canada Day: "Happy Canada Day to all my fantastic Canadian friends, and to all the Americans who snuck across the border to get out of Vietnam!"

On flying Air Canada: "How can you not get someone from New York to Calgary? That is not so difficult."


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