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Canadian Government Job Ad Seeks 'Wizards' (For Real)

Not kidding.
Actor Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter from the movie franchise.
Peter Mountain/Getty Editorial
Actor Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter from the movie franchise.

It looks like the government is trying some new tricks to entice young people to sign up for entry-level jobs.

The Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat (TBS), an administrative branch that supports the Treasury Board, has issued a job posting seeking "a random selection of applicants" for a to-be-determined number of positions.

Except they're calling those applicants "wizards" and promising to "use our 'sorting hat'" to place them into "Various Administrative Wizardry Positions."

"Are you a Gryffindor (brave, loyal, courageous and adventurous), a Ravenclaw (wise, creative, clever and knowledgeable) a Hufflepuff (hard working, dedicated, fair, patient) or a Slytherin (resourceful, ambitious, determined and crave leadership)?" the post reads with reference to the Harry Potter books. "Come and let TBS become your home away from home!"

Actor Alan Rickman plays Severus Snape in the "Harry Potter" movie franchise. (GIF via GIPHY)

The ad might look like a prematurely-posted April Fool's joke but it's entirely real: typing "wizard" into the search bar on the government's job site takes you right to the posting.

"So far, the [posting] has generated a lot of interest," a spokesperson for the board told HuffPost Quebec. "The public service is working to create a culture where innovation is supported and valued."

"The Treasury Board Secretariat is trying to attract versatile, creative and talented candidates. That's why we use innovative strategies in our selection processes."

Job details are thin

There's no mention of what exactly the "wizards" will do, but the posting details several tiers for qualification.

At a base level, you must have a minimum of one year's experience providing administrative support services, processing, tracking and proofreading various documents and providing advice or guidance to management, staff or clients.

Bilingual skills or membership in various "employment equity" groups, such as visible minorities, Indigenous communities, and persons with disabilities, may be required, along with "reliability" and "attention to detail."

There's also a list of more specific skills including "experience in using a human resources information management system" and "experience in providing budget support and financial services" for certain jobs.

Only people living in Canada or Canadian citizens living abroad are eligible to apply, and you need to have a secondary school diploma.

The "Work Environment" section reads: "With our Talent Management Program, we will help you grow, learn and further develop your magical career within the Public Service."

The whole thing is more than a little cringe-worthy, but made slightly less so by the fact that the starting salary is $57,430 and goes up to $61,877 for temporary, part-time and full-time positions.

The posting encourages you to apply by April 7 if you want to be considered early. The final deadline is Aug. 30.

And if you're actually a wizard, consider casting a spell on members of the TBS communications department to step away from the Rowling fan forums.

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