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John Brassard's Statement Comparing Trudeau To Online Dating Flop Shut Down By Speaker

"He had a convincing profile, he looked hip."
Conservative MP John Brassard rises in the House of Commons in Ottawa on May 6, 2016.
Adrian Wyld/CP
Conservative MP John Brassard rises in the House of Commons in Ottawa on May 6, 2016.

A Conservative MP's statement comparing the prime minister to an online dating disappointment was promptly shut down by the House of Commons Speaker Tuesday.

With an election months away, Tory MPs have been rising before question period lately to criticize Prime Minister Justin Trudeau with one-minute member's statements. The speeches typically end with MPs saying Trudeau is "not as advertised" the tagline to a slew of new Conservative attack ads.

But Ontario MP John Brassard, who represents Barrie-Innisfil, evidently went too far for Speaker Geoff Regan's liking.


"Sometimes politics can feel like online dating," Brassard said, noting how Canadians were "wooed" by Trudeau in the 2015 election.

"He had a convincing profile, he looked hip, he wore nice clothes, hung out with all the cool kids, went to all the best parties and, that hair Mr. Speaker," Brassard opined.

His speech hit the rocks when he noted the "guy in the profile turned out to be arrogant, self-involved and out-of-touch."

Regan cut him off, noting that House rules don't allow language that is insulting to other members.

"That is very clear and I have made that very clear," he said. "I would be more than happy to refer members to the page in the book on procedure that says so."

Though Brassard lost the opportunity to continue, his words were not so different than those Tory immigration critic Michelle Rempel shared in the House last week.

"Over four years, through his own actions, Canadians have learned the truth about the Liberal leader," Rempel said at the time. "Fake, self-centred and incompetent, he is not as advertised."

Regan also lightly scolded Conservative MP Pierre Poilievre last week for poking fun at an odd nickname — "Little Potato" — that Trudeau picked up during his first trip to China in 2016.

Though Tories argued that Poilievre was not insulting Trudeau by invoking the name, Regan ruled he was "indirectly" insulting the prime minister.

The next day, Poilievre rose in the House to make light of the whole issue.

"The Chinese leadership has called our prime minister a name that is so insulting that you, Mr. Speaker, have ruled it is unspeakable in this House. I will put partisanship aside and say I will not stand for that kind of treatment for our prime minister, for my prime minister," Poilievre said with faux dramatics.

The Tory MP released a clip of the moment to social media Tuesday.

Canadians are expected to head to the polls on Oct. 21.

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