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Jon Hamm Gives Dating Advice: Actor's Surprisingly Great Tips (VIDEO)

You're 16 years old, you're in need of some help with your love life -- so where else to turn but Hollywood heartthrob Jon Hamm?

Teen phenom blogger Tavi Gevinson's snagged the actor for its monthly 'Ask A Grown Man' column, where he answered five questions from teenage girls about their relationships on video.

Looking slightly bedraggled and offering world-weary answers, Don Draper's real life counterpart seems to have plenty of knowledge in the love department that could apply as easily to women as it does to girls.

Our favourite part (and Gevinson's too, apparently)? His response to the girl who asked, "Is it gross if a girl accidentally farts in front of her significant other?" After trying to joke, he shrugs and says, "No, of course. Everybody farts. Farting is farting."

We're now not only true believers in his comedic talents (if you can't talk about farts, there's no way you're making it in the comedy world), we're also thinking he could use a weekly advice column on any number of topics. After all, while Don Draper might be known as a Lothario on Mad Men, real life Hamm has been with girlfriend Jennifer Westfeldt for almost 15 years -- and if you're lasting that long while under Hollywood's scrutiny, we could probably all learn a few things from you.

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