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Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert Rip Rob Ford After Crack Confession (VIDEO)

Late-night political comedians Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert took a few shots at Rob Ford, following the Toronto mayor’s shocking crack cocaine confession Tuesday.

The pair poked fun at Ford’s admission that he tried the drug “probably in one of my drunken stupors, probably approximately about a year ago.”

Ford “needs help,” Stewart said on "The Daily Show." “And I don’t mean help carrying a case of beer down into the basement so you can get drunk enough to smoke crack. I mean help help.”

He also commented on Ford’s approval rating, which jumped five per cent last week after Toronto police said they had recovered an infamous video that reportedly shows the mayor smoking crack.

“You know what that makes you as a city, Toronto? Enablers, eh?”

But jokes aside, Stewart said Ford should go to rehab.

Stephen Colbert didn’t hold back, either.

“Rob Ford can’t change the past – he can’t even remember the past,” Colbert said of Ford. “I mean what part of drunken stupor does the media not understand?” he said.

Watch some of the highlights from both shows in the video above.

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