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Joyce Murray's Son Raps Support For Electoral Co-Operation (VIDEO)

WATCH: Son Of Liberal Hopeful Raps Anti-Harper Message

Joyce Murray has a new supporter for her plan to co-operate with the NDP and Green Party: her son.

Dirk Murray Brinkman, Jr., who raps under the name Baba Brinkman, has released a hip-hop track on YouTube praising his mother's plan for the Liberals to team up with other parties in a bid to defeat Stephen Harper and the Conservatives.

Mother Murray is currently running for the Liberal leadership on a platform that includes electoral co-operation, taxing carbon and legalizing marijuana.

Brinkman praises all three of those ideas in a song that definitely lands on the 'alternative' side of the rap spectrum. That probably shouldn't come as a surprise considering Brinkman's university thesis was a comparison of modern rap battles and Chaucer's "Canterbury Tales", an idea he subsequently turned into a one-man stage play.

While the track isn't likely to win many fans amongst lovers of gangster rap, it is drawing some attention to Murray's dark-horse campaign as the race for Liberal leader begins to wind down.

The deadline for signup to the new Liberal supporter category, which essentially allows any Canadian to register online and take part in the voting, is March 3. All the candidates are making a final push to recruit supporters ahead of the deadline.

The URL for Murray's website, where new supporters can sign up, is featured prominently throughout the music video.

Do you think the Liberals should adopt Murray's plan for collaboration with other parties? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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